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Phillip Soff, Onoe on Asia's youngest millionaires

As one of Asia's youngest multi-millionaires, I thought it was about time that I gave a little back. If you know me, you know how much I hate ripoff merchants, especially those who prey on newbies. As my own field is rather specialized (property) I have decided to commission and offer to the public for free a collection of Wordpress plugins that replicate the functionality of exisiting commercial products that have annoyed me in some way.

Free Wordpress Plugins

You are free to rebrand all these plugins as you like, and I can even host the downloads for you if required (contact me for other advertising opportunities too!). Let's get started. Here's a free equivalent of SEOpressor. It will tell you how to optimize your Wordpress posts, and will even do the basics automatically. It was written from scratch in a weekend by one of my junior programmers, using PHP. The original SEOpressor , in case you don't know, was written (or at least commissioned) by Daniel Tan a.k.a Tan Keng Hui and he sells it for up to $100 via Clickbank, who offer a no questions refund within 60 days.

SEOPressor clone

click to download the SEOPressor plugin equivalent.

Coming next - the plugin EVERYone has been talking about!

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